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It takes a community: A collaborative approach to Brain Injury Rehabilitation.


CpanJust late last week, a concerned family member launched a grassroots advocacy site on Facebook called WeCantWait.

We are excited to support her, and now the groups' passion and activities to help advance the technical fix to the fee schedule - HB 4486 and SB 314.
- Part of the changes in 2019 to the Michigan auto insurance law included a fee schedule imposed on medical providers which will take effect shortly and have a devastating impact on patients and providers across our state. On July 1, the reimbursable rate for providers will only be 55% of their rates as of January 2019 for all non-Medicare coded services, which comprise approximately 90% of all services provided. As you can well imagine, a 45% reduction in reimbursement rates for these essential services will harm providers and the patients they serve. A recent statewide survey commissioned by the MI Brain Injury Provider Council (MBIPC) and conducted by ROI Insight revealed that more than 6,000 catastrophically-injured patients will lose their care, and nearly 5,000 health care workers will lose their jobs.  It is vital the current fee schedule for these services be changed NOW!
Join the WeCantWait Facebook Group and see how you can help.
Message from founder Peggy Campbell, "WE CAN'T WAIT for our care! Join us to tell lawmakers to pass HB4486 and SB 314 now! Those who need on-going care cannot “wait & see” what happens like some lawmakers have suggested. On July 1, my sister will lose her attendant care that she needs because of lasting disabilities from an auto accident. You may be in a similar situation. So together let’s make our voice heard and get these bills passed NOW! Please jump on board and recruit family and friends to help."
From yesterday...."Group – Wow! We have nearly 500 in our group and please keep inviting others. So here’s our first initiative—Contact House Rep Daire Rendon, chair of the House Insurance Committee and Ryan Berman, co-chair with a cc to House leader Jason Wentworth and Gov. Whitmer on both letters. If they receive a lot of communications, they might take this seriously. Urge them to give HB4486 a hearing in April. Senator Majority Leader Shirkey has said no changes, “wait and see”. Ask why are you waiting when #WeCantWait for our care. Many of you have shared what the reform will do to your family along with a picture of your loved one. That’s what your letter could say and include the picture. July 1 is coming fast and it means devastation to thousands, even death to many, without HB4486. The bill provides a technical fix to the fee schedule, there’s twenty billion dollars in the catastrophic fund so this fix will not raise rates. And cc Wentworth and the governor. AND please let us know what you have done. Then share what law makers responded to you. And hashtag #WeCantWait." 
The addresses for the lawmakers noted above are listed on the Facebook Group page or can be found at

Thanks for your support,



Vieth Consulting

Morning,   Late last week, HB 4486 was formally introduced in the Michigan House. This bill addresses the fee schedule portion of the 2019 no-fault legislation, which as of July 1st of this year will cap reimbursement for most of the post-acute brain injury rehabilitation services at 55% of what the provider was charging for these services on January 1, 2019. The application of this fee schedule on providers will have a devastating impact on access to care for thousands of injured auto accident survivors in our state and others that rely on these service providers. The new bill would add those services to a reimbursement cap system based on 200% of the Medicare rate, which will protect access to care and keep quality providers viable. The bill, introduced by Rep. Wozniak with bipartisan support is attached.  We expect a similar bill to be introduced in the Senate this week by Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. 

This morning's issue of MIRS reported that Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey will not take up this fee schedule proposal.  The article stated that, "The Senate's highest-ranking member said the Senate will not take up any proposal that would increase the cost of auto insurance at a time when too many families are struggling through the COVID-19 restrictions." Shirkey was quoted, "Senate Republicans are committed to regularly reviewing past legislative actions, including the car insurance reforms, once they are fully implemented and objective data has been granted." 

We are hopeful with your input and action that consideration will be given to these bills.
Take Action

Visit the CPAN website and select Take Action, the first item under the Get Involved tab - There you will find three letters for you to select from (you are encouraged to customize - add your personal perspective) and send to the Governor, your House member and your Senator.  The three letter options include a provider prospective, a survivor/family member perspective, and a general advocate letter. I encourage you to reach out to your respective legislators as well as the Governor with these letters concerning the fee schedule and ask them to support HB 4486 and the fee schedule fix.   I also suggest you change the subject line of the email to increase the likelihood your email will be opened and read.

Thank you in advance.

Here again is the link to this page Please act now!

Message sent by Martha Levandowski,
CPAN | 216 North Chestnut Street | Lansing, MI 48933



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