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Our mission is to educate and empower our members, providers and the community in the treatment and recovery from brain injuries.

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in August

2022 BINNM Symposium
Friday October 14
Hybrid: virtual and limited in-person seating




It takes a community: A collaborative approach to Brain Injury Rehabilitation.

Executive Functioning: Let's Get Specific
April Bluck July 21 2022

 Dr. Andrew Cole will be discussing
Post Concussion Syndrome Management

Power point

Andrea Cassell from Twin Bay Wellness will be discussing
COVID-19 & The Impact to Brain Injury Survivors & Providers

Sinas Dramis Presentation
Steve Sinas & Katie Tucker - Auto No Fault Options and Utilization Review Rules
Making Smart Choices
Navigation the Chaos
MCL 500
Proposed Utilizaton Review Rules 3/5
Proposed Utilizaton Review Rules 6/30

MyndMove: The New STIMulus

Applied Behavior Analysis By Laura Myers from Behavior Consultants 1/25/18